Efficient Python Tricks and Tools for Data Scientists

Why efficient Python? Because using Python more efficiently will make your code more readable and run more efficiently.

Why for data scientist? Because Python has a wide application. The Python tools used in the data science field are not necessarily useful for other fields such as web development.

The goal of this book is to spread the awareness of efficient ways to do Python. They include:

  • efficient built-in methods and libraries to work with iterator, dictionary, function, and class

  • efficient methods to work with popular data science libraries such as pandas and NumPy

  • efficient tools to incorporate in a data science project

  • efficient tools to incorporate in any project

  • efficient tools to work with Jupyter Notebook.


What Should You Expect From This Book?

This book expects you to have some basic knowledge of Python and data science.

You should also expect bite-size code snippets for each section. This will allow you to obtain multiple pieces of knowledge in fewer than one minute. I included the link to the resources for every tools introduced in case you want to explore them further.

About This Book

This book includes more than 300 tips and tools I have shared daily on my website, Data Science Simplified. If you want to get the updated of new tips on your mailbox, you can subscribe to my website.

About The Author


Khuyen Tran is a data science writer at NVIDIA and a data science intern at Ocelot Consulting. She wrote over 150 data science articles with 100k+ views per month on Towards Data Science. She also wrote 300+ daily data science tips at Data Science Simplified. Her current mission is to make open-source more accessible to the data science community.